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dark fairy

On Vox: bah

Posted on 2009.10.11 at 02:21


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dark fairy

On Vox: growing up...

Posted on 2007.12.15 at 11:13

It’s time to grow up,

Cut off any knowledge,

That we used to know.

If you’re done then I must be to,

Only you have the choice in this matter,

We went from to something to almost everything,

But then I/you left me with nothing.

There will always be this could have,

Something I could have showed you,

No matter how much I say I am better,

Doesn’t not cross out the fact.

That it’s time to grow up,

You with your job, and your boyfriend

Who somehow will always be better?

Than me.

Do you smile about what will never be?

Or dose it even cross your mind,

Songs I said to you,

Will forever play,

But at what affect?

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dark fairy

On Vox: on a pink paper...

Posted on 2007.08.18 at 18:03

i want to call you, or talk to you but i have a fear of you not talking back i want to see you again but know you proablay won't want to...and i am pretty sure i will try means a no...and i am pretty sure not to count on you anymore. your with him, not with me. i don't want to hurt and i don't want to waste energy i like you and wish to have mroe of you but probably never will...

you opened the door, we saw a rainbow. but your still with him. i can't believe it why would you go back with im? i wish we could have had our chacnec but i dont' think it's eighther of us to blame.

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dark fairy

On Vox: 21, and it's promise cometrue.

Posted on 2007.08.15 at 23:14

So here i am 3-4 weeks after turning 21, i've got great news....Jae has found his way. I got hired with Northwest Airlines I move from san diego in late october begging november somewhere around then. i am so excited!!! this is my chance to leave to get out to see new palces all around the world. some people are very envious, a lot of them are going to miss me. i will miss them to. someone said to me the other day, "i think this will be the last time i will ever see you in my life" it was sad, but maybe it's true who knows when i will see these people. For the next 6 months i am pretty much the airlines slave...then i go to a regular schedual. Wish me luck i will be writing in here more than ever all my new experience my flights to eruope!!!!

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dark fairy

On Vox: Sugar Rush..=)

Posted on 2007.08.02 at 07:16

i have that song stuck in my head both version dream streets and ateens although i prefer ateens over dream streets..lol, anyways i love this song that's all that matters. it captures how i feel right now. last night i was feeling pretty shity but i am over it. if this person likes me then he dose if he dosen't then blah. i guess it was a momment of weakness lol. but otherwise i am ready for w/e the world brings agian or so i say..."baby your my sugar rush i get weak and talk to much, you make me so exicted and i dont' want to fight it,  i start to blush you are a my sugar, aint nothing better baby is it for real or maybe"

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dark fairy

On Vox: incase you forgot...

Posted on 2007.07.31 at 01:00

i don't like, likeing someone, or getting close to people. it hurts to much, not the thought of lossing them. i could care less i've lost a lot of people in my life.  k joseph breathe,  i am supposed to be in control no one can make me feel anyway i don't want to feel. i know i am all against clingyness...and i hate it in other people, so i defintly hate in me. and i must admit there are times when i can be clingy i need to work on it. i am afraid they'll leave me now. and loose intrest. move on with something better...why? maybe because it happens every day, all the boys who have boyfriends who cheat on them with me....or all the boys who have boyfriends who tell me they use them and cheat on them...i've been there before i've done. i've been used and i've used...and i don't want to do it anymore of that. and i defintly don't want to be used my emtions are on the line.

it's such a waste of time being in a relationship so emtionaly draining, then why when i like someone i like the thought of it, and why am i totattly fine living my life perfectly happy, untill someone comes into my life and i start likeing them. it's a momment of weakness and i told myself never again do i want to feel this way, and here i am feeling this way. congragulations guy you've joined the ranks of the rest...

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dark fairy

On Vox: now about me part 2.

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 12:31

so here i am reading through his myspace....and i feel like shit, this guy is dead. he died in a car accident. and here i am thinking wtf dose tim see in him he's ugly and fat. god i feel horrible. very bad icant believe i just said that, i know it sounds stupid but it makes it different because this person is dead. it's like i feel like i am disturbing him. i would hate to have that happen to me, especially when i am dead i don't want people to go on my myspace and say such horrible or think things like that about me. then i continue on. i see that he party a lot, so he lives half of his life drunk. which is also sad, what a way to not really be living. but atleast he had fun right? i continue on to the comments. and this guy was a very special guy i don't know when he died, because there are comments where people are like oh thanks for talking to me last night, and so on. but all his comments stay the same, everyone telling him how much they love him, how much he means to them, how much he helps them with their problems and that hits close to home for me, it's like me. minus the fact of living my life drunk i don't drink lol.and i think what a way to go. what potentinal who knows what he could have been, what he could have seen, and i know there is always going to be those issuse. and i guess that's what bothers me about death so much not having the chance, to do everything i could possibly do. say the things i want to say, i am sorry it's my life and this is just a stepping stone another one. and through his loss of life i will gain one in myself...i need to do the things i've never done. and say them more than ever know because who knows one day there will no more entries on vox. and maybe comments from my friends saying how they miss me.

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dark fairy

On Vox: who benifits from this?

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 12:01

first things first, i am tired of hyopcritcal people. Some people will never change they will be in that rut called life. and i am just glad that isn't me. i swear people dissapoint me when they apply their own limitaions..

as many of you may know i turn 21 tomorrow or as i see it tonight at midnight =) i am going clubing..with my friend mykael. i hope 21 has better promises than 20 did lol.

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dark fairy

On Vox: july 4th sweetie...

Posted on 2007.07.04 at 00:24

you said yes, and i took your hand and believed,
now three laters, the hand that i took strayed,
but one part of me stayed, and your not here
i told you yes, and i gave you all of me,
and that's what i wanted in return
but you taught me more than anything or anyone else could,
nothing last forever sweetie it's the 4th of july,
and today i won't cry,
i smile and think look at my life as i pass you bye.

i thought it would be appropiate to say this marks my half way mark to my 3 year anniversary to myself, i can't believe the years have passed just like, i've been with out him or anyone for 3 years...and i smile i am happy and i am doing knowing and living more than i ever thought i could.

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dark fairy

On Vox: my brother...

Posted on 2007.06.28 at 17:38

I never mention my brother, but I thought right now would be a very good time to do it. I don't know why i am getting emtional but it just makes me happy to know that i've got the family that I do. excepting and loveing, and who loves me for me. regardless of anything =)... this is my brothers video of san fran gay pride which is really big i didn't get to go unfortunatly but i will be in the san diego gay pride =)...and ofcourse that bitch is going to be there he better be or else!! lol. anyways yes =)

Originally posted on darkfairy.vox.com

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